Light Series Slewing Bearings

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Light Series Slewing Bearings



Light slewing bearings mainly include an outer ring, inner ring, grease parts, sealing ring, gasket, load plug, and taper pin, features: inner ring and outer ring are L-shaped; The side surface of the ring is provided with a grease cup, and a steel ball assembly is integrated between the outer ring and the inner ring. The ball and gasket are installed through load plugs and taper pins to protect the ball from running. Each ball has an interval.

Light Series Slewing Bearings Specification:

(1) Model and size parameters of external gear light series slewing bearings

(2)Model and size parameters of internal gear light series slewing bearings

(3) Model parameters of gearless light series slewing bearings

Classification of Slewing Bearings:

According to the rolling element arrangement, slewing bearings can be generally divided into four-point contact ball slewing bearing, crossed roller slewing bearing, three-row roller slewing bearing, and so on. We will devote ourselves to satisfying customers’ demands as a slewing bearing supplier.

Applications of Slewing Bearings:

Slewing bearing has a unique structure that could handle an integrated load like the axle, radial, and overturning hurdle. It combines support, rotating, transmission, fixed, sealed, anti-corrosion, and other functions into one unit. They are widely used in lifting machinery, construction machinery, transmission machinery, mining and metallurgy machinery, medical equipment and radar, ship, wind power, and other industries.

How To Extend The Life Of Rotating Ring Bearings:

In heavy duty applications, premature failure of large diameter bearings is a common fate.

However,Regular maintenance can prevent 96% of rotary ring bearing failures. To maximize bearing life, follow these tips: raceway and gear lubrication, bolt torque inspection and seal inspection.

Most rotary bearing failures are due to lubrication problems, contamination, overload, improper fitting and mounting.

Have a preventative maintenance program that includes bearings, and be alert for these four warning signs of potential bearing problems.

1. Play on bearings

2. Grinding, cracking, or clicking sounds

3. Add torque or binding

4. Debris particles emerge from the seal