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NO 1. our adwantages

1. 14 years bearing products manufacturing and exporting experiences.
2. OEM order and non-standard bearing order can be accepted.
3. Many sizes of bearing are available. Large quantity bearing can be provided.
4. To respect customers, you can choose the loading port.
5. A certain number of free sample can be provide to support our customer’s after-sale services and warranty.

NO 2. Description:

Slewing bearing installation:
Slewing bearing installation and removal methods, should be according to the bearing structure, size and bearing parts with the nature.Installation, disassembly pressure should be directly added to the end face of tight fit bearing stalls circle, not by the bearing rolling elements to transmit pressure, because this will be caused by the bearing work surface indentation, impact bearing normal workeven make bearing damage. bearing cage, seals, dust cover parts easily deformed, installation or demolition bearing pressure can not be added to these parts.

NO 3. OEM all brand bearing

1. deep groove ball bearing 6000,6200,6300,6400,61800,61900,Z,RS,ZZ,2RS
2. spherical roller bearing 22200,22300,23000,24000,23100,24100,CA,CC,E,W33
3. cylindrical roller bearing N,NU,NJ,NN,NUP,E,ECP,ECM,ECJ
4. taper roller bearing 35710,30300,32200,32300,31300,32000
5. Aligning ball bearing 1200,1300,2200,2300,
6. needle roller bearing NA,NAV,NK,NKI,RNA,NK,RNAV,ZKLF,ZKLN,ZARF,ZARN
7. thrust ball bearing 51100,51200,51300,51400,E,M
8. angular contact ball bearing7000,7100,7200,7300,AC,BECBM,C
9. spherical plain bearing GE,GEG,GEEW,U,UC,UG,GX,GAC,SA,SABP
10.Wheel hub bearing /ceramic bearing/plastic bearing/lazy susan bearing

NO 4. Slewing bearing Specification:

Seals Types 2RS,OPEN
Vibration Level Z1V1,Z2V2,Z3V3
Clearance C2,C0,C3,C4,C5
Tolerance Codes ABEC-1,ABEC-3,ABEC-5
Materral GCr15-China/AISI52100-USA/Din100Cr6-Germany
MOQ 1Set at least
Delivery Time 15-45 days after contract
Pavkage Tube package+outer carton+pallets;Single box+outer carton+pallets;
Tube pavkge+middle box+outer carton+pallets;According to your requirement

NO 5. Slewing bearing Models and Size:

No. Models No. Models No. Models No. Models
1 Komatsu PC40-10 51 HitachiEX100-5 101 Kobelco SK907B 151 Daewoo DH300-7
2 Komatsu PW60-5 52 HitachiEX120-2 102 Kobelco SK09 152 Daewoo DH55
3 Komatsu PC60-5(1) 53 HitachiEX120-3 103 Kobelco SK03 153 Daewoo DH55
4 Komatsu PC60-5(2) 54 HitachiZX120 104 Kobelco SK04 154 Daewoo DH55
5 Komatsu PC60-6(Z=76) 55 HitachiEX120-1 105 Kobelco SK60-5 155 Caterpillar CAT110
6 Komatsu PC60-6(Z=80) 56 HitachiEX120-5 106 Kobelco SK60-6 156 Caterpillar CAT215
7 Komatsu PC60-7(Z=76) 57 HitachiEX150 107 Kobelco SK200-3/5 157 Caterpillar CAT215B
8 Komatsu PC60-7(Z=80) 58 HitachiEX160WD-1 108 Kobelco SK200-6 158 Caterpillar CAT225
9 Komatsu PC90-6 59 HitachiEX200-1 109 Kobelco SK210-6E 159 Caterpillar CAT280
10 Komatsu PC100-5 60 HitachiEX200-2,3,5 110 Kobelco SK200-8 160 Caterpillar CAT200B
11 Komatsu PC120-5 61 HitachiZX200 111 Kobelco SK235 161 Caterpillar CAT305.5
12 Komatsu PC120-6(4D95) 62 HitachiEX210-5 112 Kobelco SK330-3 162 Caterpillar CAT320B
13 Komatsu PC120-6(4D102) 63 HitachiZX210 113 Kobelco SK350 163 Caterpillar CAT320C
14 Komatsu PC130-7 64 HitachiEX220-5 114 Kobelco SK450-6E 164 Caterpillar CAT320D
15 Komatsu PC150-7 65 HitachiZX225U(1) 115 Sumitomo SH60-1 165 Caterpillar CAT320L
16 Komatsu PC20HT 66 HitachiZX225U(2) 116 Sumitomo SH120-1 166 Caterpillar CAT325
17 Komatsu PC200-1 67 HitachiZX230 117 Sumitomo SH120-2 167 Caterpillar CAT325B
18 Komatsu PC200-2 68 HitachiZX240 118 Sumitomo SH120-3 168 Caterpillar CAT325C
19 Komatsu PC200-3 69 HitachiZX270 119 Sumitomo SH120 169 Caterpillar CAT330C
20 Komatsu PC200-5 70 HitachiEX300-1 120 Sumitomo SH140 170 Hyundai R55-7
21 Komatsu PC200-6(1) 71 HitachiEX300-2 121 Sumitomo SH145 171 Hyundai R60-5
22 Komatsu PC200-6(2) 72 HitachiEX300-3 122 Sumitomo SH200A1 172 Hyundai R60-7(1)
23 Komatsu PC200-6(NEW) 73 HitachiEX300-5 123 Sumitomo SH200A2 173 Hyundai R60-7(2)
24 Komatsu PC200-6(6D95) 74 HitachiZX330 124 Sumitomo SH200A3 174 Hyundai R110-7
25 Komatsu PC200-7 75 HitachiZX350-5 125 Sumitomo SH200C2 175 Hyundai R130-5
26 Komatsu PC200-8 76 HitachiZX450H 126 Sumitomo SH200C3 176 Hyundai R130-7
27 Komatsu PC220-3 77 Kato HD250-7 127 Sumitomo SH220-2 177 Hyundai R170-5
28 Komatsu PC220-5 78 Kato HD450-5 128 Sumitomo SH220-3 178 Hyundai R200-5
29 Komatsu PC220-7 79 Kato HD450-7 129 Sumitomo SH225 179 Hyundai R200-7
30 Komatsu PC220-8 80 Kato HD450 130 Sumitomo SH260 180 Hyundai R210-3
31 Komatsu PC228 81 Kato HD512 131 Sumitomo SH265 181 Hyundai R215-7
32 Komatsu PC240-8 82 Kato HD516 132 Sumitomo SH280 182 Hyundai R220-5
33 Komatsu PC300-2 83 Kato HD770SE 133 Sumitomo SH300-2 183 Hyundai R225-7
34 Komatsu PC300-3 84 Kato HD770-1 134 Sumitomo SH300-3 184 Hyundai R260LC-7
35 Komatsu PC300-5 85 Kato HD770-2 135 Sumitomo SH330 185 Hyundai R290
36 Komatsu PC300-6 86 Kato HD700-2 136 Sumitomo SH340 186 Hyundai R305LC-7
37 Komatsu PC350-6 87 Kato HD700-5 137 Sumitomo SH350 187 Hyundai R300
38 Komatsu PC360-7 88 Kato HD700-7 138 Sumitomo SH40T 188 Volvo EC210B
39 Komatsu PC400-1 89 Kato HD800-5 139 Sumitomo SH430 189 Volvo EC210
40 Komatsu PC400-3 90 Kato HD800-7 140 Daewoo DH55-3 190 Volvo EC290
41 Komatsu PC400-5 91 Kato HD820-1 141 Daewoo DH55-5 191 Volvo EC360
42 Komatsu PC400-6 92 Kato HD820-3 142 Daewoo DH200-3 192 Samsung PS132
43 Komatsu PC450-5 93 Kato HD1250/1430 143 Daewoo DH220-2 193 Samsung PS210
44 Komatsu PC450-6 94 Kobelco SK120-5 144 Daewoo DH220-3 194 Samsung PS292
45 Komatsu PC450-7 95 Kobelco SK130-7 145 Daewoo DH220-5 195 Samsung MX08-2
46 Komatsu PC650 96 Kobelco SK07-1 146 Daewoo DH220-7LC 196 Liebherr 914
47 HitachiEX60-1 97 Kobelco SK07-1-N2 147 Daewoo DH225-7 197 Liebherr 924
48 HitachiEX60-2,3 98 Kobelco SK07-N2(1) 148 Daewoo DH280 198 Liebherr 934
49 HitachiEX60-5 99 Kobelco SK07-N2(2) 149 Daewoo DH290-5 199 Case CX240
50 HitachiEX90 100 Kobelco SK07-2 150 Daewoo DH300-5 200 Mitsubishi 230


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  • We are an industrial and manufacture company.We have our own brand: SFNB .If you interested in our product,I can take you to visit our factory.
  • Our factory have advanced testing equipment,before the every product leave the factory,we will be testing.We can send samples to you,you can test the quality,and if you accept the sample quality,we can promise: the follow-up orders’ quality will be the same as samples.
  • About ordinary standard type of bearing ,We have rich inventory,not have MOQ,if your need a product is Non-standard size,need customize,we will according the product size to determine the MOQ.
  • Our company can accept OEM,you can send sample to me,we can manufacturing products the same as sample.Meanwhile,we also can accept some well-known brands of OEM,
  • If the amount of money is less,you can pay it by Paypal .Of course you can payment by TT or Western Union etc.

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Precision: ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7
The Number of Rows: Single
Spherical: Non-Aligning Bearings
OEM Service: Available
Free Sample: Available
Inner: 120mm


Customized Request

slewing bearing

Can you Explain the Concept of Axial and Radial Load Capacity in Slewing Bearings?

The axial and radial load capacities are fundamental parameters that define the ability of slewing bearings to withstand different types of loads along different directions. Here’s an explanation of these concepts:

  • Axial Load Capacity:

The axial load capacity of a slewing bearing refers to its ability to withstand loads that act parallel to the axis of rotation. In other words, it’s the maximum force that can be applied along the vertical or horizontal axis without causing significant deformation or failure of the bearing components.

For example, in applications where the bearing supports vertical loads like those encountered in cranes or excavators, the axial load capacity is crucial to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment. Slewing bearings designed for high axial load capacities have sturdy components and optimized raceway profiles to distribute the load evenly and prevent stress concentrations.

  • Radial Load Capacity:

The radial load capacity of a slewing bearing pertains to its ability to withstand loads that act perpendicular to the axis of rotation. These loads are directed toward or away from the center of the bearing. Radial loads can result from weight, force, or moments acting perpendicular to the axis of rotation.

For instance, in applications involving cantilevered structures, the radial load capacity is essential to support the bending moments and forces applied to the bearing. Slewing bearings with high radial load capacities are designed to handle these loads without excessive deformation, minimizing wear and maintaining operational integrity.

  • Combined Load Situations:

Real-world applications often involve combinations of axial and radial loads. Slewing bearings must be selected and designed to handle these combined loads effectively. Engineers consider both axial and radial load capacities to ensure that the bearing can safely operate under the expected loading conditions.

Manufacturers provide load rating charts and data that specify the maximum axial and radial loads a slewing bearing can handle. Engineers use this information to make informed decisions about bearing selection for various applications.

In summary, the axial and radial load capacities of slewing bearings are essential parameters that determine their ability to withstand specific types of loads in various directions. Proper consideration of these capacities ensures safe and reliable operation in diverse applications.

slewing bearing

How does Preload Affect the Performance and Stability of Slewing Bearings?

Preload is a critical factor that can significantly impact the performance and stability of slewing bearings. It involves applying a controlled axial force to the bearing components before assembly. Here’s how preload affects slewing bearings:

  • Reduced Internal Clearance:

Applying preload reduces the internal clearance between the rolling elements and raceways. This minimizes play or clearance in the bearing, enhancing its rigidity and reducing the potential for rolling element skidding during operation.

  • Improved Stiffness:

Preloaded slewing bearings exhibit higher stiffness due to the elimination of internal clearance. This improved stiffness is crucial in applications requiring precise positioning, such as robotics and high-precision machinery.

  • Enhanced Load Distribution:

Preload improves the load distribution among rolling elements, minimizing stress concentrations and promoting uniform load sharing. This is especially important in applications with varying loads and forces.

  • Reduced Vibrations:

By eliminating internal clearance and minimizing rolling element movements, preloaded bearings experience reduced vibrations during operation. This contributes to smoother and more stable equipment performance.

  • Precise Positioning:

Preload ensures minimal movement within the bearing during rotational changes, making it suitable for applications where precise positioning and accurate motion control are essential.

  • Resistance to External Loads:

Preloaded bearings are better equipped to handle external forces and shocks without significant deformation or misalignment, maintaining consistent performance even under varying conditions.

  • Reduced Wear:

With reduced internal clearance and controlled movement, preloaded bearings experience less wear and fatigue. This extends their service life and reduces the frequency of maintenance.

  • Limitations:

However, excessive preload can lead to increased friction, heat generation, and potential damage. It’s essential to apply the right amount of preload according to manufacturer recommendations and application requirements.

In summary, preload in slewing bearings enhances rigidity, load distribution, and stability, making them suitable for applications that demand precise movement and control. Properly applied preload ensures optimal performance and extends the operational life of the bearing.

slewing bearing

What are the Materials Commonly Used in Manufacturing Slewing Bearings and Their Respective Benefits?

Slewing bearings are manufactured using a variety of materials, each offering specific benefits that suit different industrial applications. Some common materials and their advantages include:

  • Steel:

High-quality steel, such as chrome or stainless steel, is widely used due to its durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion. Steel bearings can handle heavy loads and offer excellent wear resistance, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

  • Forged Steel:

Forged steel is even more robust than standard steel due to the manufacturing process that aligns the grain structure. This material is suitable for applications with extreme loads, harsh environments, and high impact forces.

  • Bearing Steel:

Bearing steel, designed specifically for rolling-element bearings, provides superior hardness and wear resistance. It’s commonly used in slewing bearings to extend their service life and minimize wear.

  • Alloy Steel:

Alloy steels offer a combination of strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. They are suitable for applications that require both load-bearing capacity and resistance to challenging conditions.

  • Cast Iron:

Cast iron is often used in smaller, low-load slewing bearings. It provides good damping properties and is cost-effective for less demanding applications.

  • Bronze:

Bronze bearings are known for their self-lubricating properties and resistance to corrosion. They are commonly used in applications where maintenance-free operation and low friction are important.

  • Plastics and Polymers:

Various plastics and polymers are employed for their lightweight, corrosion resistance, and low friction characteristics. These materials are suitable for applications that require chemical resistance and reduced noise levels.

  • Ceramics:

Ceramic materials offer excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and electrical insulation properties. While less common, they are used in specialized applications like semiconductor manufacturing and certain medical equipment.

  • Coatings:

Special coatings like zinc, nickel, or chrome plating can be applied to enhance corrosion resistance and reduce friction. These coatings are often used in combination with other base materials to improve performance.

Choosing the appropriate material depends on factors like load, environment, operating conditions, and maintenance requirements. Engineers carefully consider these factors to ensure that the selected material aligns with the specific needs of the application.

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