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Performance parameters



Bucket capacity


Engine rated power


Swing speed


Travel speed (high/low)


Ground specific pressure

0.35-0.36kg/cm 2

Gradeability (%)


CZPT force

standard 77.4KN/presurized 81.3KN

Boom length


Arm length



Working range

Maximum CZPT depth


Maximum CZPT height


Maximum unloading height


Maximum CZPT radius


Minimum turning radiusc




Transport length


Transport arm height


Tumblers distance


Radius of gyration platform end


Counter weight ground clearance


Track gauge


Total width of undercarriage


Width of upper structure


Width of track shoe


Ground clearance


Total length of travel mechanism


Cabin height




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Exclusive highly efficient hydraulic control system; Powerful travel traction
Effectively prevent mixing of soil and rock; Highly efficient and rapid operations
High-strength frame structure and greater ground clearance; Safe and open engine hood
Convenient and swift maintenance

1.Comfort: Spacious and comfortable cab, providing excellent all-round vision.
2. New type suspension seat conforms ergonomics, improve driver’s operation comfort.

3.Intelligence: Adopt smart driving computer, with big data analysis and storage function, timely warning prompt.
4.Configuration: National II standard high quality engine, adopts new technology of low fuel consumption and strong power, accurate matching of original imported main hydraulic system and engine, provide accurate flow, improve operation efficiency.

5.It has the characteristics of “high reliability, real value, safe and environmental protection, comfortable and convenient”, and can provide a variety of special configuration options, which can meet the needs of different countries and customers.

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HangZhou FORTIUS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD which is located in the capital city of ZheJiang Province-HangZhou,is a group company established by few 10-years working experienced experts for CZPT trucks, trailers and spare parts. construction machine , new energy vehicles .

We have dealt with many projects in China and abroad, such as TANZANIA STRATEGIC CITIES PROJECT, UgHangZhou CITIES Sewage engineering,Guinea city electric project, Brunei Port project, Fiji logging transportation, Philippines mining project and so on.

We have “heavy duty fans” from all over the world now, hope you may joint us, and let start a good and pleasant busines association together

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1.Container: The cheapest and fast 1 ;put the machine into container need disassemble .
2.Flat rack: Often used to ship 2 wheel loader,max load-bearing is 35tons.
3.Bulk cargo ship: which is better for bigger construction equipment,no need disassemble.
4.RO RO ship: The machine is driven directly into the ship and does not need to be disassembled.

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Q1.What is your terms of payment?

A:T/T 30% as deposit.and 70% before delivery.We’ll show you the photos of the products and packages
before you pay the balance.

Q2.What’s your minimum quality?
A:1 unit

Q3.How about your delivery time?
A:Generally,it will take about 20 to 30 days after receiving your advance payment.The specific delivery time
depends on the items and the quantity ofyour order

Q4.What’s the warranty?
A:Enainetransmission.axle quarantee 1 vear(Any faulty caused by incorrect operation or man-made
factors is exclusive ofquarantee.)

Q5.What’s your after-sale service?
A:We provide technical support for ourtrucks and whole life parts supply







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After-sales Service: Support Online Technical Services
Warranty: 12 Warranty Months
Type: Slawing Bearing
Size: Medium-Sized
Certification: ISO9001: 2000, BV
Condition: New


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slewing bearing

What is the Typical Lifespan of Slewing Bearings under Different Operating Conditions?

The lifespan of slewing bearings can vary based on different operating conditions and factors that influence wear and fatigue. Here’s a general overview of the typical lifespan under various scenarios:

  • Light Loads and Proper Lubrication:

When operating under light axial, radial, and moment loads and with consistent and proper lubrication, slewing bearings can often exceed 20,000 to 30,000 hours of service life.

  • Heavy Loads and Harsh Environments:

In heavy-duty applications where the bearings handle substantial loads, such as construction equipment or mining machinery, the lifespan might range from 10,000 to 20,000 hours. Harsh environments with dust, moisture, and corrosive substances can affect the bearing’s durability.

  • Corrosive Environments:

In environments with high levels of corrosion, such as marine applications, the lifespan of slewing bearings might be reduced due to the impact of corrosive elements on the bearing’s materials.

  • High-Speed Applications:

In applications requiring high rotational speeds, such as certain automation systems or machinery, the bearing’s lifespan might be affected due to increased friction and wear associated with higher speeds.

  • Poor Lubrication and Maintenance:

If proper lubrication and maintenance practices are neglected, the bearing’s lifespan can be significantly shortened. Insufficient lubrication leads to increased friction and wear, potentially reducing the lifespan by a considerable margin.

  • Shock and Impact Loads:

Applications subject to frequent shock and impact loads, like certain material handling equipment, can experience premature wear and fatigue, leading to a reduced lifespan.

  • Temperature Extremes:

Operating in extreme temperatures, whether high or low, can affect the performance of slewing bearings and potentially reduce their lifespan due to changes in material properties and lubrication effectiveness.

  • Customization and Quality:

The quality of the bearing, manufacturing processes, and the extent of customization also play a role. High-quality bearings designed for specific applications might offer longer lifespans.

  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the specific slewing bearing model. They provide valuable insights into maintenance intervals, lubrication, and expected service life.

It’s important to note that these are general estimates, and actual lifespans can vary depending on numerous factors. Regular maintenance, proper lubrication, adherence to guidelines, and consideration of operating conditions are essential for maximizing the lifespan of slewing bearings.

slewing bearing

Are there any Specific Safety Precautions to Take When Working with Slewing Bearings?

Working with slewing bearings involves certain safety considerations to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of personnel. Here are some specific safety precautions to take:

  • Training and Knowledge:

Ensure that personnel working with slewing bearings are properly trained and have a clear understanding of the equipment, procedures, and safety protocols.

  • Protective Equipment:

Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, safety goggles, and hearing protection, to safeguard against potential hazards.

  • Lockout/Tagout:

Follow lockout/tagout procedures when performing maintenance or repairs. Locking out equipment prevents unexpected activation and potential hazards.

  • Machine Shutdown:

Before working on machinery containing slewing bearings, ensure that the equipment is properly shut down, power sources are disconnected, and any stored energy is released.

  • Proper Tools:

Use suitable tools and equipment for maintenance and assembly to prevent accidents and ensure accurate work.

  • Weight Handling:

If handling heavy slewing bearing components, use appropriate lifting equipment and techniques to avoid strain or injury.

  • Secure Work Area:

Ensure that the work area is clean, organized, and free from obstacles. This reduces the risk of tripping hazards and improves overall safety.

  • Work with a Partner:

Whenever possible, perform tasks involving slewing bearings with a partner. Having someone nearby can provide assistance in case of emergencies.

  • Safe Access:

Ensure safe access to the work area, including the use of stable platforms or ladders, to prevent falls or slips.

  • Warning Signs:

Use proper warning signs and labels to alert others about ongoing maintenance or potential hazards related to slewing bearings.

  • Manufacturer Guidelines:

Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance, lubrication, and safety practices specific to the slewing bearings being worked on.

  • Emergency Procedures:

Have clear emergency procedures in place and communicate them to all personnel. Know the location of emergency equipment and exits.

By following these safety precautions, you can minimize risks associated with working on slewing bearings and create a safer environment for maintenance personnel.

slewing bearing

Can you Explain the Differences Between Single-Row and Double-Row Slewing Bearings?

Single-row and double-row slewing bearings are two common configurations with distinct characteristics. Here are the key differences between them:

  • Design:

A single-row slewing bearing consists of one row of rolling elements positioned between the inner and outer rings. In contrast, a double-row slewing bearing has two rows of rolling elements.

  • Load-Carrying Capacity:

Double-row slewing bearings generally have a higher load-carrying capacity compared to single-row bearings. The presence of two rows of rolling elements enables them to handle heavier axial, radial, and moment loads.

  • Stiffness:

Double-row bearings offer higher stiffness due to the additional row of rolling elements. This stiffness can be advantageous in applications where precise positioning and resistance to deflection are crucial.

  • Compactness:

Single-row slewing bearings are typically more compact and have a smaller profile compared to double-row bearings. This compact design can be advantageous in applications with limited space.

  • Cost:

Single-row slewing bearings are generally more cost-effective compared to double-row bearings. The increased complexity and higher load capacity of double-row bearings can result in higher manufacturing costs.

  • Applications:

Single-row slewing bearings are suitable for applications with moderate loads and rotational requirements, where compactness is important. Examples include small cranes, excavators, and material handling equipment. Double-row slewing bearings are often used in larger and heavier machinery, such as construction equipment, wind turbines, and heavy-duty cranes.

  • Performance Trade-offs:

While double-row bearings offer higher load capacity and stiffness, they may also introduce higher friction and slightly reduced rotational efficiency compared to single-row bearings due to the presence of additional rolling elements.

In summary, the choice between single-row and double-row slewing bearings depends on factors like load requirements, available space, and desired stiffness. Each configuration has its own advantages and trade-offs, allowing engineers to tailor their selection to the specific needs of the application.

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